Flat Lock Panel

The Flat Lock Panel is used for the façade covering of large and small vertical surfaces. The panels are uniform bent plates that hook onto each other. With the overlapped panels a nearly flat appearance is achieved.

The panels are prefab formed and available in multiple shapes and dimensions.

For example:

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Typical coverage:36” x 16”
Max coverage:8’ x 16”
Thickness:0.80 mm, 1.0 mm
Coverage:4 sqft (Typical)
On center:16”

The rectangular shape is the most common. Size and material thickness are mainly standardized, but can be customized per project. The panels are attached with concealed sliding clips, that can be made by the sheet metal worker himself. The dimensions of the eaves profiles, attachment profiles etc. will depend on the on-site dimensions.

The system is easy to install. Even buildings with a complicated geometry such as convex and concave facades can be covered with these panels by using small panels. For larger surfaces areas the large panels are suitable. The Flatlock Panel can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally, all depending on the creativity of the designers.

Flatlock Panel

      Flatlock Panel Wall Abutment Right
      Flatlock Panel Wall Abutment Left
      Flatlock Panel Vertical Section
      Flatlock Panel Typical Clip Application
      Flatlock Panel Sill Flashing Window
      Flatlock Panel Outer Corner with Corner Flashing
      Flatlock Panel Outer Corner Hooked Option
      Flatlock Panel Jamb Flashing Window Right
      Flatlock Panel Jamb Flashing Window Left
      Flatlock Panel Inner Corner
      Flatlock Panel Horizontal Section
      Flatlock Panel Head Flashing Window
      Flatlock Panel Head Capping
      Flatlock Panel Eaves Flashing Wall
      Flatlock Panel Clip Small
      Flatlock Panel Clip Large
      Flatlock Panel Clip Example