Why zinc?

Zinc is a product with lots of advantages compared with alternatives. Besides a long service life it has also an excellent environmental record, that fulfills the wishes, needs and demands of the twenties!


Zinc is one of the most reliable metals that has been used as a building material for centuries. This includes zinc gutters, rainwater drainage systems, roof coverings and wall claddings. With a lifespan of 75+ years, zinc is not only an aesthetic choice but nowadays also a sustainable choice. In addition to a long service life, more than 95% is collected and recycled again after use. It therefore answers the circular economy. There are few building materials whose overall environmental balance is as positive as for zinc.

Zinc is not only appreciated because of its unique appearance, the metal is also very functional: it ensures that rainwater is drained reliably. This prevents leaks that can lead to major inconveniences and damage.


Zinc is a powerful element that occurs naturally in the environment, such as rocks, soil and water. It therefore fits perfectly in a sustainable society. In addition, zinc also plays a very important role in the biological processes of humans, animals and plants.

Reliable, a long service life and recyclable are 3 important properties of zinc. In addition, zinc is maintenance-free so no additional investments are needed.